Monday, April 28, 2014

Kiss Nail Dress - for My Toes!

Hi, y'all!!  Today, I have nail strips to share with you.  I have always wanted to try these but I change my finger nail polish so often, I didn't think these would be a good investment me.  UNTIL! I discovered ones for your toes!  So I have some that I have had on for a week now.  

I have to say, I really like the style I picked up.  It's called "Gown" from the Jeweled collection.  I looked at these for so many weeks at Walmart but never got them.  Had to give in finally. So I bought them and they sat in my nail box for about a month.  I had taken my toe nail polish off and wasn't sure if I wanted to match them to my finger nails. Naw, I'll try the nail strips!!  So I did.

Here are my results.  As I said, I have been wearing these for a week, give or take a day.  The fit was ok. The strip on my big toe was not an exact fit, but it is close enough that you can't tell it's not a perfect fit.  All the other toes are fine but needed a trim here and there. 

They have worn very well.  The package said they should last 10 days.  I was worried that maybe they would lift when I went to be, get snagged on the sheets, but they haven't.  I will be wearing a few of my other nails strips, I do like them. And it makes it easy to "polish" your toes with out having to wait for them to dry!!

I will probably buy more when I find them on clearance. They retail at $6.99 regularly.  My cheap wallet won't pay full price.  But show me a clearance sale and I'm all over it!!

Have you ever tried any nail strips before?  How did you like them?

Have a wonderfully cow filled day!!  

Leigh Anne

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  1. That is cute!! I won't buy stuff like that full price either. lol They always go on clearance.