Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super Summer Mani

Let's see....what do I have for you tonight?  I have a super bright pale yellow neon-ish Orly and a pretty China Glaze teal. 

I love bright colors.  And this Orly Key Lime Twist was right up my alley!  With a name like Key Lime Twist, you'd think it would be more of a green color.  I think it is more of a yellow.  Without a flash, I can see the green , without flash, yellow.  Key Lime Twist is opaque in 2 coats but with some cremes, you have to watch out you don't swipe away some of the color and leave a bald spot. 

I thought that a little blue green added to this to add a pop. Sexy in the City was great choice.  As you can tell from the flash, it doesn't look like I got a second coat on my middle finger!  Ooops!  I may not have.  I do like how it looks with the yellow though.

Not sure what color I'll do next. It'll be a surprise for both of us as my nails a bare! 

* I'm sure some who read my blog may have comments about my clean up (or lack of) and I'd like to mention that I have tremors in my hands and am not always the neatest with my manis.  It's not on purpose!  I do try to clean up as best as I can!  ;)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Thought I had a New Polish to Replace My Favorite One!

Tonight, I have 2 polishes to show y'all.  I picked up China Glaze Caribbean Temptation because it reminded me of my most favoritest color ever:  Sation Tiki Punch (left).  Side by side, there is a definite difference. With one coat (which, of course, I didn't take a pic of) I thought YAY!  I found a replacement!  Caribbean Temptation has a color shift of a bluish tint.  Really pretty!  Tiki Punch does not have any color shifts.

In the picture on the left, you can see the color shift of Caribbean Temptation, except on my ring finger, I  applied Tiki Punch to that finger.  I thought I had a close up of the 2 fingers but I have no idea what happened to it!  My phone must have eaten it!  The second picture is, of course, outside. 

Caribbean Temptation was opaque in 3 coats and Tiki is opaque in 2.  Both dry pretty fast.

I think I still love my Tiki Punch but the Caribbean Temptation is a very close second!

Of anyone likes the Caribbean Temptation, let me know, I for some reason bought it twice!!  Message me! 

Ragnar helping me with my mani shot! 

Have a great day, y'all!  <3