Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Completely Bare Body Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor

Nothing to disclose, purchased on my own thru Ulta.com. 

Ok, I hate shaving my legs!  Whose with me?! Hands?   I decide, after looking for one more thing to get my free shipping, I added Completely Bare Body Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor to my cart.  I attempted to start using it religiously a couple times.  But a couple months ago, I had open heart surgery and my desire to expend the extra energy was not to be found.  Since I have started to feel a little better, I thought I would make using the lotion a part of my evening routine, right along with taking my much needed anti-coagulant meds (also known as blood thinners). 

I have been using the lotion at least once, if not twice a day for 7 days.  You can see the growth I have of the hair on my legs.  It may not look like it's working well, but trust me when I say that it is working for me!  Not only is the growth slower, it has made the hair feel less coarse.  For me, that is a miracle!!  I skipped shaving my legs the past couple days so I could see if the Completely Bare was working for me.  And it is!  YAY!!!  I have also been using it under my arms. Same results. less coarse and slower growth. (I'll spare you that photo!)

Completely Bare Body Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor is available at Ulta.com for $9.99 for a 6.7 fl, oz. tube.  Thee are many other products available.  Being as this is working well for me, I may try other products!!  You can check them out here.

Hope I can turn a few more people onto this product.  Down with razors! Unless its a really good razor, then of course, keep them around! 

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Leigh Anne