Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Review: Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor

Hello to all!  Hope everyone is managing to stay warm and out of the snow.  The cold seems to be being unkind to everyone as of late.  I adjusted my artwork to reflect the recent snowfall.  We even had a bit of the white stuff down here on the coast of North Carolina.  It stayed until the sun got hold of it.  I stepped just outside my sliding glass door to capture a couple pictures and stepped right into an inch of snow that had gathered on the door ledge.  It's been 2 years since I've been home to Ohio and the snow, but it's amazing how that cold can creep right into your bones!

Well, the weather is not the topic of today's blog is my review of the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor I received from BzzAgent.  According to Schick, "if you’ve got sensitive skin, it’s time to start looking for more from your razor instead of settling for quick fixes. But if you’re going to treat yourself to quality, where should you start looking? Only Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor has Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Serum infused with Shea Butter, hydrating your skin longer than any other razor—for up to 2 hours after shaving, so how about there, for starters? If that’s not enough for you, the 5 Curve Sensing blades with unique Skin Guards that help protect your sensitive skin from irritation should seal the deal."

Now, do I think it lived up to that hype? Uh, ya, I think it did!  My legs felt so nice after I shaved them, I was amazed!  I used the coupon that was included for a free can of  Skintimate Shave Gel.  I love shave gels!  I used to steal my ex-husbands until he made me buy my own.  I like the way the gels foam up after applied to my leg.  And I had one heck of a task to conquer.

 It was time to shed my, I mean shave my winter "leggings".  It had been long enough and what a great challenge for this razor!  What many don't know about me is that I suffer from some, at times, terrible tremors.  My hands shake almost all the time.  It isn't uncommon for me to nick myself at least once every time I shave my legs, thus I don't shave very often.  But I just got the razor in the mail and and I had to try it.  

I have to say I was honestly impressed with the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor.  I didn't nick myself once! And I had the smoothest shave I have had in quite a long time!  I believe I will be keeping this razor and continuing to use it.

Thank you BzzAgent!

Moo!!!  Leigh Anne

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Weeks: Weather

This week's theme:  the weather!  And boy is that a great topic for a mani!  With Polar Vortexes and snow storms, rain and just craziness that has become our weather patterns lately. 

I'm going to try to do a tutorial for this mani instead of just talk about it and show what I ended up with.  To start with, Here are all the different polishes I used.  I used all Polish Yer Hooves colors.  I have been very busy lately with making new polish colors to put out for Spring.  I don't even have names for them all yet! But here are a few that I used. 

From left to right, the colors are as follows: a holo nail pen I made with a sample bottle I was given, Angus Friday, Sassy, Violet, Stormy, Vortex and Angel Cow.  I have tried over and over to use foundation sponges for gradient manis and I have had no success.  All I get is a very pale coloring.  I decided to try a plain old kitchen sponge.  I picked up a 2 pack at the dollar store.  So that is what I was finally able to achieve a gradient with.  Plus, it gave me a bit of a texture that I thought added to the look of clouds.

The scrubbie side is good to help clean up around your nails, too.  Double bonus!

The first thing I did was make a pretty blob of polish with my colors.  There was no special way that I put them down, I did put the 3 purples side by side then drop a drop of Angus in the middle, along with the holo.  I added just the minimal tough of Sassy.  I didn't want too much of the green/blue but I have seen these colors in storm clouds before so I thought, why not?

Next, I took my Exacto knife and swirled the colors a bit.  A pin or anything with a sharp edge would have worked as well.  I used what I had handy. 

Then dab the sponge into the colorful blob!  I am so sorry for the blurry picture!  When I took it, it looked clear so I didn't bother with a second picture.  I usually take a second and a third one just in case.  I have no idea why I didn't.  Getting to cocky with my new phone I guess!  Of course, not taking into consideration my lovely tremory hands.  (Is tremory a word? It is now! ;))

I wish I had just 1 more hand so that I could have taken a picture of applying the sponge to the nail.  Alas, I was born anatomically (kinda) normal.  So no sponging picture.  

And, Vo╬»la!   Stormy Weather!

OK, this was my first tutorial.  How did I do?   I hope my blogging skills are getting better.  I have so many ideas of what I'd like to write on.  Any areas anyone would like to hear about from me?   Things to come are next week's theme of SPARKLES!!!; my review of the  Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor; and new polish colors!

Until next time!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Finger Food's Theme Buffet

Greetings to all!  I hope it is a pleasant evening for all.  Mine has been productive!  I've managed to get all my nail polishes into my helmer.  I'm not as pleased with my helmer as I thought I would be.  I'm rather a bit disappointed with it actually, but it will serve my purposes!  

Now to the reason for my blog this evening!  I was looking thru my email one evening and came across one of my nail subscriptions with a mani from Finger Food's Theme Buffet.  I had to check it out.  I have not had success completing one of these challenges.  This one doesn't require a polish change every other day, there is a different theme once a week.  I think that I could do this.

The first week (5 - 11 Jan) started out with animal prints.  All who know me know the exact pattern I would have chosen!  COWS!!!  But, alas, I missed that week. However, I have done cow print pattern before!  AND I am honored to share it.

Not too bad, huh?  Was the first go at it and I think I did pretty well!  This was one of my favorite manis I've done.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial on it one day.  Anyone interested?

This past week has been Shapes or Geometric patterns.  I can honestly say I have never done a mani like this.  I tend to go for a more crazy or themed mani.  So this was a challenge for me.  My creative mind doesn't work well in geometric shapes.  So I had to think......and think.....and think....THEN!!!  AHA!! *insert light bulb here*   An idea did finally rattle around into my brain!  I have been busy making quite a few new polishes over the past week or 2 and have lots of pretty, new colors.  I decided to make my geometric mani with some of those new colors.  What a great way to showcase a few new colors and do the mani at the same time.  So I set to work.

The new Polish Yer Hooves colors are:
1. Don't It Make Your Cow's Eyes Blue
2.  Buttercup  (a Sister Cow)
3.  Violet  (a Sister Cow)
4.  Pink Diamonds

I am not great at doing geometric shaped manis.  Can you tell?  I used very Spring-y colors.  One friend told me this looked like an Easter egg.    The colors are very Easter like.  Not that that is a bad thing!  I love fresh bright colors and I think these fit the bill quite nicely!.  I thought the black dividing lines would make the colors pop a bit more.  Before I added them, I thought that the colors just looked like they were hanging there, quite boring.I liked this look.  Almost like stained glass, at least that was what I was going for. 

I like the way this turned out!  All these colors are available!  I don't have them in the shop yet, but message me if you would like to add these to your nail polish collection.  If you haven't tried Polish Yer Hooves yet, why not try one of these pretty Spring colors?

Thank you for taking a minute from your day to check out my blog.  I appreciate your patronage! Add me to your emails, I'm also on Blog Lovin'.  You'll find all my contact info below. 

Have a Beautifully Polished Day!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Polishing Your Nails vs Painting Them

What do you say?  I polish my nails. Or I paint my nails.   I have to the point where I don't really like to hear "paint my nails".  I guess you could say it's a pet peeve.  But not to an obsessive-compulsive point.

Many years ago, when I worked as a home health aide, I had a man I took care of who was very attentive to a woman's way of caring for herself.  He loved when his wife was "prettied up."  He had asked me about my nail polish one day and I told him I painted them with such and such polish.  He said, "Polished."  I said, "What?"  He said, "Polished is a nicer way of saying it."  Ever since that day, I have visions of paint brushes versus nail polish brushes.

Can you imagine using this:
                               to polish your nails?  If I had a paint brush like this I just might though!  Instead of using nail polishes in pretty little bottles, we could be doing our nail art manis with this:

Pick your color!  Or in the mood for just a single color?  Why not just use a roller to paint your nails?! 

 But I do think it sounds much better to polish your nails, after all, when we use our polishes, don't they leave our nails pretty and shiny?  Just like a jewel or a diamond.  

Polishing your nails, doesn't it just sound nicer?  Prettier?  Just....better!   I started saying, "I polish my nails" years ago and maybe I can convince a few more of you all to do the same.  Silly as it my be, it has an air of sophistication to the way it sounds.  I've even noticed when I am polishing my nails, I even have my pinkie finger up!  Hee Hee....

So that's my take on the whole Paint 'em vs Polishing 'em.  What do you think?  Did I bring you over to the posh side?

If you ever need a new color to polish those nails, please drop in on Polish Yer Hooves and see what I have out!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Influenster JollyVoxBox

I finally received my #JollyVoxBox from Influenster!!  YAY!! I was so excited to open it up and find out what was inside!  

Ok, let's get to all the goodies!!  First, Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates!!   One word:  YUM!!!  Of course, with the new year, most of us want to shed a few pounds, me too.  And I have a HUGE sweet tooth!  These will help me to get that sweet when I want it. AND IT'S REAL CHOCOLATE!!  The variety I got was peanut butter creme filled.  I love pb and chocolate and these satisfied.  @TheSkinnyCow   #IndulgeWithSkinny    Each box costs about $3.50 for 6 servings.

The next goodie was Duckling Mini Roll Tape.  Such a cute little roll of Duck Tape!  I love Duck Tape and now that it comes in colors and designs, I love it even more!  Influenster tasked me to wrap a present with it, but I didn't get my box til after Christmas, so no presents.  :(  But it is a fun accent to my nail polish packages! 
@TheDuckBrand    #MiniDuckling  Each roll costs about $2.99.  My only suggestion is that they make it in cow print!!

My next treasure was a packet of Puffs Tissues with Lotion!  I love the purse pack size and I have been a forever fan of Puffs.  I tend to be a bit OCD when it comes to certain brands of certain items I buy.  Not for everything, but for facial tissues, I have to have Puffs!  I like the feeling of them on my face and my nose when I have a cold or just have to blow my nose.  @Puffs    #PassthePuffs 

The last 2 goodies were Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celesial and  NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Long Beach Sands.  Both colors were neutrals.  The eye shadows didn't really show up well on me (and my picture taking skills when it comes to selfies aren't great).  The eye shadow applied nice and smooth and has a pretty shimmer.  I tried using it with water to try to darken it up a bit, but that didn't work well.  One thing that helped is the fact that I have my eyeliner tattooed on. This added a little more depth to the shadows!  The NYC HD Color Trio runs about $2.99 each.    @NYCNewYorkColor   #HDColorTrio 
The Rimmel lip lacquer was nice. It went on smooth and was not sticky nor did it clump up like I have had some lip glosses do.  This was a good color for me though I would have gotten one with a little more pink in it for myself.  This will definitely be going in my purse!  The Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer sells for around $5.49.
@RimmelLondonUS  #ShowOffLipLacquer 


I really look forward to the next #VoxBox I receive.  This was a fun box to get and I enjoyed playing (and eating) with the treats in it!