Friday, January 17, 2014

Finger Food's Theme Buffet

Greetings to all!  I hope it is a pleasant evening for all.  Mine has been productive!  I've managed to get all my nail polishes into my helmer.  I'm not as pleased with my helmer as I thought I would be.  I'm rather a bit disappointed with it actually, but it will serve my purposes!  

Now to the reason for my blog this evening!  I was looking thru my email one evening and came across one of my nail subscriptions with a mani from Finger Food's Theme Buffet.  I had to check it out.  I have not had success completing one of these challenges.  This one doesn't require a polish change every other day, there is a different theme once a week.  I think that I could do this.

The first week (5 - 11 Jan) started out with animal prints.  All who know me know the exact pattern I would have chosen!  COWS!!!  But, alas, I missed that week. However, I have done cow print pattern before!  AND I am honored to share it.

Not too bad, huh?  Was the first go at it and I think I did pretty well!  This was one of my favorite manis I've done.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial on it one day.  Anyone interested?

This past week has been Shapes or Geometric patterns.  I can honestly say I have never done a mani like this.  I tend to go for a more crazy or themed mani.  So this was a challenge for me.  My creative mind doesn't work well in geometric shapes.  So I had to think......and think.....and think....THEN!!!  AHA!! *insert light bulb here*   An idea did finally rattle around into my brain!  I have been busy making quite a few new polishes over the past week or 2 and have lots of pretty, new colors.  I decided to make my geometric mani with some of those new colors.  What a great way to showcase a few new colors and do the mani at the same time.  So I set to work.

The new Polish Yer Hooves colors are:
1. Don't It Make Your Cow's Eyes Blue
2.  Buttercup  (a Sister Cow)
3.  Violet  (a Sister Cow)
4.  Pink Diamonds

I am not great at doing geometric shaped manis.  Can you tell?  I used very Spring-y colors.  One friend told me this looked like an Easter egg.    The colors are very Easter like.  Not that that is a bad thing!  I love fresh bright colors and I think these fit the bill quite nicely!.  I thought the black dividing lines would make the colors pop a bit more.  Before I added them, I thought that the colors just looked like they were hanging there, quite boring.I liked this look.  Almost like stained glass, at least that was what I was going for. 

I like the way this turned out!  All these colors are available!  I don't have them in the shop yet, but message me if you would like to add these to your nail polish collection.  If you haven't tried Polish Yer Hooves yet, why not try one of these pretty Spring colors?

Thank you for taking a minute from your day to check out my blog.  I appreciate your patronage! Add me to your emails, I'm also on Blog Lovin'.  You'll find all my contact info below. 

Have a Beautifully Polished Day!!!


  1. I love the cow Mani... haha so cute.. and the geometric, well the good thing about geometric patterns is that they don't have to be perfect. :) and.. it does look like an Easter egg, perfect for Spring....

  2. I love the cow nails! So freaking cute. And the geometric nails look great as well.