Thursday, January 16, 2014

Polishing Your Nails vs Painting Them

What do you say?  I polish my nails. Or I paint my nails.   I have to the point where I don't really like to hear "paint my nails".  I guess you could say it's a pet peeve.  But not to an obsessive-compulsive point.

Many years ago, when I worked as a home health aide, I had a man I took care of who was very attentive to a woman's way of caring for herself.  He loved when his wife was "prettied up."  He had asked me about my nail polish one day and I told him I painted them with such and such polish.  He said, "Polished."  I said, "What?"  He said, "Polished is a nicer way of saying it."  Ever since that day, I have visions of paint brushes versus nail polish brushes.

Can you imagine using this:
                               to polish your nails?  If I had a paint brush like this I just might though!  Instead of using nail polishes in pretty little bottles, we could be doing our nail art manis with this:

Pick your color!  Or in the mood for just a single color?  Why not just use a roller to paint your nails?! 

 But I do think it sounds much better to polish your nails, after all, when we use our polishes, don't they leave our nails pretty and shiny?  Just like a jewel or a diamond.  

Polishing your nails, doesn't it just sound nicer?  Prettier?  Just....better!   I started saying, "I polish my nails" years ago and maybe I can convince a few more of you all to do the same.  Silly as it my be, it has an air of sophistication to the way it sounds.  I've even noticed when I am polishing my nails, I even have my pinkie finger up!  Hee Hee....

So that's my take on the whole Paint 'em vs Polishing 'em.  What do you think?  Did I bring you over to the posh side?

If you ever need a new color to polish those nails, please drop in on Polish Yer Hooves and see what I have out!


  1. Sounds like he was a wise man.. you're right.. polished does sound better than painted. :)

  2. For the most part I say, I'm doing my nails. Which sounds odd. But I think I used to say painting them. Polishing them does sound nicer!