Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Challenge Youir Nail Art Spring Renwal - FreeStyle

Yes, I know I am very behind getting this one out.  I was doing so well with the last three.  And I had to mess it up by not feeling well and just not having the "umfph" to get this one done and out.

Anyway..... For my freestyle mani I did a tutorial!  Excited?  Ya, ok, at least pretend for me.  I get a complex if I don't get a bit of positivity!  LOL!  Truly, it is a good feeling to know that others do read my blog and like what I show.  I'm always open to constructive criticism, just be nice. I'll post pictures of myself bawling like a baby if you have mean things to say!  *slaps my thigh in laughter*   

So I did strawberries on my nails.  What is more a sign of Spring than luscious, plump strawberries?   First, I made an area of green toward the cuticle end of my nail.  You can put yours where ever you would like the top of the strawberry to be.  I wanted the strawberries to be hanging down.  Next I polished the rest of the nail with a pretty pink that my bestie made just for me!  It doesn't have a name, but it was made for me by Samantha of Gothic Gala.  If you notice, I have one nail done in white (Snow Cow - Polish Yer Hooves - my own creation.).  The white nails is going to be a pineberry.  If you've never seen a pineberry, I have a picture.  I actually have seeds to grow some of these but have yet to try them.  I should!  Next, I added the seeds of the strawberry. Pineberry seeds are red color.  Last, I took a polish pen and outlined the edges of the leaf (leaves).  I also added a "stem".  The green polish I used was Sinful Colors in HD Nails for the leaf and outlined with Zoya Apple.

So there you have it!  Easy to make Strawberries!  Give it a try!  If you do decide to try my tutorial, please, post your mani to my polish page!!  Polish Yer Hooves.

Have a lovely cow filled day!  Don't forget to share your hooves with me on my page!

Leigh Anne


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  1. So cute!! Although the pineberries seriously freak me out...