Saturday, April 19, 2014

Challenge Your Nail Art - Spring Renewal - Spring Flowers

 Today's challenge is for Spring Flowers!  This was pretty easy to decide what to do.  Flowers are every where!  And I love them!  

As you can see, I have a Tulip on my index finger, Hyacinth on my middle finger, Daffodil on my middle finger and Daisies on my pinkie finger.  On my thumb, I have Lily of the Valley.   The back ground is a light blue with green for the grass. 


The list of polishes is a long one.  With so many different  flowers, it took many different colors.  Here is what I used:  Pure Ice - Splash!, Zoya - Apple, Polish Yer Hooves - Field Daisies, LA Colors Nail Art - Yellow, Diamond Cosmetics Nail Art - Neon Green, Polish Yer Hooves - Hot Pink Lips, Sinful - What a Night, LA Colors Nail Art - Baby pink, LA Colors Nail Art - Purple Shimmer and Shany Nail Pen - White.  PHEW!!!    Oh and topped with Oh So Wet Top Coat.

Tomorrow is a Free Style day!  Not sure what I'm planning yet...

Have a wonderfully, Cow Filled day!!  

Leigh Anne