Friday, April 25, 2014

FingerFood Theme Buffet - Gothic Nails

This week's FingerFood theme is Gothic!!  I went thru 3 or 4 different manis of failure before I finally found one I liked.  Black nails was the base color I decided on.  What to do from there?  I had no idea!!  Then I remembered I had a hot, hot pink crackle polish I have never used.  SO it was time!  I love the way a crackle Frenchie looks. Et voilà !  There we have it.

I posted just the plain Frenchie on my polish page with the question: Gothic-esq or Goth Barbie?  The unanimous result was Goth Barbie.  I added the Barbie silhouette and the Barbie "B".  I also added a "G" for Goth. 

Your thoughts?

I will catch y'all next time!!  

Have a Wonderfully Cow Filled day!!!

Leigh Anne