Sunday, April 27, 2014

FingerFood Theme Buffet - Something New!

G'Day, y'all!  How is everyone this beautiful Sunday?  I'm much better now that Dominic finally got his butt over here to cut the grass.  It was in such need that if I had let one of the kitties out into the back yard, I would have lost them!  They might have wondered if they had been moved back to the African jungle!  But these spoiled brats won't be going anywhere!  Don't they look ready to go somewhere?

 This week's many for FingerFood Theme Buffet is Something New.  Now I know rainbows are nothing new, a total Neon, Holo Rainbow is something I have not ever done. Nothing complicated, that is if you are terrible at making straight lines of polish!  I always have a bit of a challenge there.  My hand tremors don't always like to cooperate with me.  But I got them as straight as I could!  And of course, one hand is always better than the other. To hide my crazy crooked lines, I used my holo top coat.  Plus, who doesn't LOVE holo?!  The neons aren't as bold under the top coat, but you can still see the colors.

That wraps up today's mani!  Hope you like it!

Have beautiful and cow filled day!!

Leigh Anne