Friday, April 18, 2014

Challenge Your Nail Art - Spring Renewal PASTELS

Greetings, y'all!  As promised, I am bringing you the second day of Spring Renewal in Pastels!  With this mani, I again was trying to think of something fun, pretty and different!  I hope I delivered!  

So I was in the Dollar Tree the other day - with the purpose of getting a 9V battery for my beeping smoke-detector.  Of course, I forgot the battery, but I did see something I thought would make an interesting gradient!  A kitchen scrubbie!  You tell me if you think it is a success.  I'll (for the most part) happy with the way this mani came out.

What I did to achieve this look was to draw a line of polish with each color, next to and touching, each other.  I dipped the scrubbie into the polish and "stamped" it onto my white, polished nails.  I had a lot of white visible after a couple stamps so I repeated the process in that area.     

So, there you have the mani.  The polishes I used were Sinful - Snow Me White, Zoya - Gie Gie, Pure Ice - Twinkle, Julep - Lexie, Zoya - Midori and Zoya - Hudson.

Ok, thoughts?  Is this method a keeper or shoud I scrub it? Alright, I know, corny attempt at humor, but someone has to do it!  Have an awesome, cow-filled  day!

Leigh Anne


  1. I love this idea!! It looks really cool!

    1. Thank you! I wanted to try something different, Hope I achieved it!