Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves - Birthstone Collection Pt. 2

Hello!  How is everyone doing today?  Are you ready for the second installment of the birthstone collection?  Again, this is my interpretation on the Birthstones.  I have always loved rich jewel tones so I decided a while back that I would attempt to do my own line of rich, beautiful colors!  

All the polishes have a texture to them due to the "diamond" glitter base I used for all the colors. A few of the polishes are more of a glitter topper than a totally opaque polish.  So here ya go with May, June, July and August.

I only caught the late evening sun.  May is much prettier than in the picture here.


 To me, June looks like crushed pearls.



August is a glitter topper. This is 2 coats.


There are the second group of polishes. I am going to do pre-orders.  I don't have a form made up for this (I'm not skilled enough to figure out how to make one!)  But if you PM the Polish Yer Hooves page, I will get an order form made up for you as well as a total!  

Full sized - $8.00 -  FS w/ Scent  - $8.50 Mini -  $3.00 Mini w/ Scent - $3.25
Scents available for adding are: Apple Cinnamon Streusel Baby Powder Blueberry Muffin Chocolate Lover Cinnamon French Lavender Fresh Cut Roses Hyacinth Jasmine Lemongrass Lilac Piña Colada Peppermint Pine Forest Pumpkin Pie Spice Sandalwood Strawberry Cheesecake Vanilla Bean Vanilla Lavender

I have the rest of the polishes will be coming tomorrow. 

Have a beautifully cow filled day!
Leigh Anne


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  1. Awesome colors! Can't wait to see November. ;)