Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Couple New Polishes to Add to the Corral

Evenin', all! 

Been thinking of what to write about tonight, then I remembered I had just made a couple Polish Yer Hooves new polishes!  I don't have names for them yet, but I will eventually. I thought I would share them here before I put them into the shop.

So I showed Polish Yer Hooves Strawberry Snowfall on IG, Facebook and Twitter, but I'll of course feature it here as well.  All three pictures taken with the bottle are with 1 coat of polish, the picture with no bottle is two coats of Strawberry.  Strawberry Snowfall has light pink snowflakes, light pink dots in 2 different sizes, a holo white winter mix and other shiny, sparklies in a light pink jelly base.  Shown here over white undies.


I have only created one purple polish and really wanted another one.  I don't have too many purple micas or pigments to choose from so I needed to make my own purple!!  I didn't quite get the shade of purple I wanted, but I do love the color I got.  I'm getting more proficient at holos.  This one is kinda pretty.  What do you think?  I tried to capture the holo, my photos aren't the greatest.  It is so much prettier in person than in the pictures.

The next polish I tossed out the other night is another snowflake polish.  I just love this hot pink holo snowflake and had to do something with it. I added some severely sparkly glitters to the snowflakes.  The super sparkle has a gold hint to it. There are also fuchsia and blue holo dots.  I added some other glitter too, but I'm not going to divulge all my secrets!  This has a clear base.

(Osiris had to get into the pictures on a few of them.  That's him in the background.)  It's difficult to get the true sparkle and shine of this glitter topper.  I think I'm going to classify my toppers as glitter cow-vers from now on.  Clever, eh?  I'm thinking this might have to be A Sparkly Snowfall, to keep with my Snowfall theme of my snowflake polishes.

I decided to apply A Sparkly Snowfall over my new purple and it looks FABULOUS!  And of course, you can see it without undies! But don't look without parental supervision!  

All three of these will be listed in the shop in the next few days.  If you would like to pre-order them, message me on Facebook.  I'll get them out to you as soon as I can.  Of course they will not make it in time for Christmas, but they are going to be a pretty polish for whenever you wish to wear them!

My Facebook link can be reached here.
You can visit my shop here.

Again, thank you so much for checking out my humble blog and looking at my new additions to Polish Yer Hooves.

Moo!!    Leigh Anne

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  1. wow loved all th epolishes but my fav is going to be : Strawberry Snowfall